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Passionate about communicating and creating to bring about change

I am an artist, accredited lecturer, writer, consultant and teacher – but the common thread linking all these roles is my passion for instigating behavioural and emotional change through the medium of art.

This has been the driver during my long career teaching art in prisons across the globe, demonstrating how creativity can change people’s attitudes and circumstances, and how art is capable of providing a turning point, promoting empathy and remorse, two critical elements of a ‘good human being’.

Guilt and shame can be utterly debilitating, as borne out by my personal experiences that have their roots in my Anglo-German heritage, with a family history strongly tied to events of WW2. It is through the artistic process that I discovered a way to live with this history and find strength and grow from it.

In my talks, writings and consultations, I take people with me into the dark worlds of prison or WW2 Germany, revealing the human and lesser known stories behind the official lines, to arrive at a new and deeper understanding of the subjects.

I am constantly exploring the different impacts punishment and shaming have on us in contrast, to say, apology and forgiveness. Asking questions, opening minds, looking beneath the surface, challenging commonly held perceptions, finding ways to heal the past and creating beauty, are all part of my work and all have the aim of bringing about desired change.

And when I am not doing all that, I walk and hike (most recently the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage), paint, dance, create beautiful spaces and events, visit art exhibitions, drink chilled wine in the evening sun, watch Scandi-Noir series or read.

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