TEDx Talk coming soon...

Back in August 2020, I was selected to be one of nine speakers at TEDxStroudWomen’s proposed TEDx event in November 2020. The event was postponed due to covid restrictions, but it is being rescheduled to take place on Sunday 21st March 2021

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I will be talking about how unresolved traumas and wrongdoings get handed from generation to generation unconsciously influencing our attitudes and actions. And how talking about uncomfortable truths from the past can start the process of healing it.

Here is a brief synopsis:

Facing the past in order to create a fairer future

Both psychology and science increasingly reveal how unresolved trauma or wrongdoing can be passed from one generation to the next. The relatively new fields of transgenerational transmission and epigenetics have huge and exciting implications, not least in the relationship between history and the present. In this talk, I would like to show you why.

Since working through my own contentious German heritage, I have become passionate about re-examining our preferred versions of history to include the forgotten and darker truths. As the recent anti-racism protests and statue debates demonstrate, what and how we remember the past are important questions for our personal and national identities. For the crimes and suffering of our predecessors do not simply go away but remain potent disruptors, subconsciously influencing our current attitudes and behaviour in search of resolution.

Could the roots of many of the social injustices and inequalities highlighted so starkly by Covid lie in Britain’s imperial past? And if so, how can we dig them out?

To explore the challenges and rewards of facing uncomfortable truths, I will give insights into Germany’s fascinating and unprecedented process of working through the atrocities of its Nazi past. I will show examples of its inspiring and innovative counter memorial culture of apology and atonement. And I will share some of the steps I took – and we all can take – towards shedding unconscious burdens and drivers so we are freer to create fairer, kinder and more sustainable societies… together and for future generations.

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