What you can do, or dream you can do, begin it.
Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.

John Anster, inspired by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Artist, Speaker, Writer and Consultant: all fuelled by a passion for inspiring change by shining light into the dark, oft ignored corners of human experience.

This transformative, restorative process of finding light hidden in the dark formed the driver behind my long career as an artist working in prisons. It is the subject I now investigate more deeply in my talks and writings on the lingering, transgenerational legacy of the Second World War.

Art:  paintings of familiar, everyday objects and scenarios in which paint and palette knife suggest the hidden histories they might hold.

Talks: Audiences from schools and universities to societies and conferences accompany me into the relatively unknown worlds of prisons and Germany both in and after World War Two. We discover the human stories behind the façades of violence and destruction, and the crucial role the arts can play in rehabilitation, restorative remembrance, forgiveness and reconciliation.

Monthly Blogs and forthcoming Book: examine current developments on the above themes and explore the emerging field of inherited trauma and guilt on a personal and national level in order to navigate pathways towards positive societal change.

Consultations and Workshops: Advice and the teaching of creative and therapeutic exercises to help individuals and groups process unresolved past issues and draw out unique talents and passions.

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