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BOOK: In My Grandfather's Shadow

The true story of three generations knotted together by events that took place in Nazi Germany: a grandfather who was a decorated general on the Eastern Front, her German-born mother and Angela herself.

In a rare confluence of memoir, psychology and historical detective story, Findlay's account of her unflinching quest for the truth about her grandfather breaks through the silence surrounding not only many of the Second World War's perpetrators but also its victims. In My Grandfather's Shadow explores the heritability of unresolved experiences. It questions deeply held perceptions of good and bad and uncovers the lesser-known history of the war's losers, their post-war culture of apology and atonement and the lingering legacy of shame – lessons that continue to be of huge relevance to humanity in the twenty-first century.




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‘Deeply moving, thought-provoking, brave, honest, articulate and truly enlightening....’

Based on her own research into her Anglo-German roots and Germany’s little-known process of coming to terms with its Nazi past, Angela describes the growing awareness of intergenerational trauma and the inheritability of unresolved emotions such as guilt or shame. Though such a journey into a dark past can be painful, she highlights the intensely healing nature of talking about difficult histories.




St Margaret’s Tea and Talks

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Radio ORF Ö1, 11th  January 2024, Austria. Andreas Obrecht IN CONVERSATION with Angela Findlay on guilt, atonement and inner healing. 

Radio ORF Ö1, 11th  January 2024, Austria. Andreas Obrecht IN CONVERSATION with Angela Findlay on guilt, atonement and inner healing. Listen to the radio conversation below.

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22nd, 23rd, 24th November – ‘In My Grandfather’s Shadow’ / ‘Im Schatten Meines Großvaters’

22nd, 23rd, 24th November, 7pm. ‘In My Grandfather’s Shadow’ / ‘Im Schatten Meines Großvaters’ THREE TALKS in LAUBACH, FRANKFURT & HEIDELBERG, Germany. Please contact Angela for further details

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16th November – War and Peace: A century of British-German relations. National Army Museum, London

Thursday 16. November 6.30pm (exact time tbc) War and Peace: a century of British-German relations Daniel Cowling, Angela Findlay and Sinclair McKay National Army Museum, Royal Hospital Road, Chelsea, London SW3 4HT A new collaboration between The Dresden Trust and the National Army Museum. In the first in a series of panel talks with authors…

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26th October – Donnerstagsforum/Thursday Forum in the Unterkirche of the Frauenkirche, Dresden

Thursday 26. October 7.30pm Donnerstagsforum/Thursday Forum in the Unterkirche of the Frauenkirche, Dresden Im Schatten meines Großvaters: Vom Umgang mit einer schwierigen Vergangenheit Further details here

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14th September – Angela Findlay in Conversation with Christian Strasser in the Literaturhaus, Berlin

Thursday 14. September 7.30pm Buchprämiere/Book Launch of Im Schatten meines Großvaters in the Literaturhaus, Berlin. Angela Findlay in Conversation with Europa Verlag Publisher, Christian Strasser Further details here

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7th September – Angela Findlay in the Nienstedtener Kirche, Hamburg.

Thursday 7. September 8-10pm Angela Findlay in the Nienstedtener Kirche, Hamburg. Further details here

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PODCAST: ‘gestern ist jetzt’ (yesterday is now)

For German speakers, I feature in Episode 30, (3 minutes in) of this German podcast exploring the emotional legacy of WW2 in Germany. 5th July, 2023 You can listen to the podcast below using the embeded player.

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REVIEW: Times Literary Supplement (TLS)

Sins of the fathers. How war trauma is passed down  by Caroline Moorhead 17th June, 2023 Click here to read the review (PDF)

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Bradford Literary Festival: Tuesday 27th June, 7-8pm

Have you dipped into your family’s past? Family trees used to be the exclusive domain of kings and queens, but thanks to the internet and the development of new scientific techniques everyone now seems to be exploring their past.

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REVIEW: The Lady

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PODCAST – We Can Find a Way: Unresolved trauma goes to the next generations. Idil Elveris in conversation with Angela Findlay

In this episode, I interviewed the Anglo-German artist Angela Findlay who with her amazing book “In My Grandfather’s Shadow” talked about her German grandfather who was a general in the German army. She described how trauma, guilt and shame gets transferred inter generationally; how to forgive parents; what needs to be done to understand trauma…

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EVENT: Nailsworth Festival– In Conversation with Tracy Spiers

Monday 22 May, 7.30pm. Egypt Mill, Nailsworth, GL6 0AE Angela Findlay grew up with unaccountable feelings of guilt colouring many aspects of her life. When her career as an artist and art therapist took her into prisons, she was amazed to feel instantly at home. How did that fit with the knowledge that her late…

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British & Irish Association for Holocaust Studies (BIAHS) Annual Online Conference on Holocaust Studies and/in Generational Perspectives, 22nd May 2023

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ARTICLE: The Big Issue, 01. May 2023 Generations on, making peace with the trauma of my past by Angela Findlay

Angela Findlay’s German grandfather was a Nazi. It took until she was 40 for her to realise the weight she carried was generational guilt. Read the full article here.

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REVIEW: The Daily Mail on the release of the paperback of In My Grandfather’s Shadow, 27.05.23

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Angela Findlay joins Chris Sams and Alina Nowobilska to talk about her grandfather, a German Second World War General, and her hunt to find out more and to better understand transgenerational guilt. Click to listen on Spotify:

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REVIEW: New View, Spring 2023 In My Grandfather’s Shadow by Rowan Middleton

To accompany my article (Talking About It), an intelligent and thought-provoking Review was also published. You can read it here

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REVIEW: Anthroposophical Society in Great Britain Newsletter, Spring 2023, What has inspired you? by Sibylle Eichstaedt

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Article in New View magazine

Talking About It: Bringing the Heart into Dialogues and Conflicts by Angela Findlay. “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly: what is essential is invisible to the eyes.” The fox in Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s ‘The Little Prince’ For seven years I had been trying to ‘see rightly’ what was invisible to…

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