The Role of the Arts in breaking the cycle of Crime, Prison and Re-offending

Years of working as an artist within the Criminal Justice System in England and Germany have given Angela unique insights into the destructive and costly cycle of crime, prisons and re-offending. In this thought-provoking talk she offers a deeper understanding of the minds, lives and challenges of offenders. And, with extraordinary slides of art projects and prisoner’s art, she demonstrates how within the process of creating art of any discipline, there are vital opportunities for offenders to confront their crimes and develop the key life skills so essential in leading a positive and productive life.

A frequent response to this talk has been “I had no idea!” and indeed it casts light onto areas of our society where the Arts are not only visual, decorative, or commercial, but absolutely vital, hugely relevant and potentially life-changing.

This talk is moving, informative and very original. Interspersed with personal accounts of humourous or slightly horrifying situations, Angela has kept audiences across the country engrossed.

Angela is also available to lead Study Days on this subject.

“The talk was absorbing… informative… inspiring… thought-provoking… engaging and very well constructed. She knew her stuff, leaving us with a desire to know more about the subject – always a good sign! “
Members of Birmingham Evening DFAS

“A wonderfully received lecture that was the most thought provoking that we have ever had. This lecture really makes you think.”
Programme Secretary, Glaven Valley DFAS



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