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Whether you are a teacher, therapist or group facilitator, working in or outside of prison, creative exercises prove to be a highly effective method of working with individuals or groups of all artistic abilities. Based on Goethe’s Theory of Colours but developed for working with offenders, my exercises will warm up and open the minds of your participants or clients in a fun way. They will also mirror positive and negative dynamics of individual and/or group behaviour while offering remedies to re-balance and achieve harmony.

In individual training or group workshops, I can:

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  • Give an overview of the role of the arts within the prison context
  • Introduce the qualities and therapeutic potential of each colour
  • Demonstrate easy warm-up exercises using the wet-on-wet technique
  • Teach exercises for pairs and groups that lead to conversations and insights into individual and group dynamics
  • Expand on the how to work creatively with specific recurring characteristics of offending behaviour
  • Share case studies
  • Provide lists of materials required and other practicalities to consider


advise or consult

I offer bespoke advice, consultations or workshops to any organisation or individual wanting to work in any way with the arts in prisons. I charge £50 for an initial 1-hour consultation, refundable against a booking.

Contact Angela to discuss your requirements

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