The Other Side: Counter memorials - Germany’s post-WW2 culture of apology and atonement

In these years of World War 2 Anniversaries the subject of this talk is hugely relevant. Relatively little is known in this country about Germany’s complex post-war process of remembrance and the counter memorial movement that started there in the 1980s and continues to this day.

Germany’s very specific situation rendered all traditional concepts of monuments and memorials irrelevant and inappropriate. Instead of commemorating their own losses Germany artists looked to creating art forms that would respond to questions of apology and atonement: How does a nation of former persecutors mourn its victims?

The idea behind counter memorials is to keep the memories and lessons of the past alive in the individual psyches of the people. The results are extraordinary, brave, and inspiring.

With her Anglo-German roots, artistic background and years of research, Angela is in an ideal position to give insights into Germany’s fascinating and on-going efforts to find artistic forms for the remembrance of the victims of one of history’s darkest periods.

“Thank you so much for giving us such an outstanding insight into your subject on German WW2 memorials. I have rarely felt such intense attention to the speaker from an audience. You could tell from the atmosphere in the room at the end of your talk that it was exceptional. I have had comments from many members praising your presentation and the way in which you drew us into the subject with such clarity and honesty. You really opened our eyes and understanding to an aspect of German culture so different from that of the UK to the heritage of WW2.”
Chair, Sutton Coldfield DFAS

“We were so moved and driven to reflection by Angela’s talk that it is hard to put into words. Angela’s brilliant exposition of the work of successive artists to try and come to terms with a history for which they were not responsible, yet who felt a profound need to express regret, was profoundly moving. Thank you for this enlightenment.”
NADFAS Audience member

 “Enlightening… informative… thought provoking… eloquent… moving… a breath of fresh air. Members just sat and discussed what they had seen and heard after the lecture. Many commented: we had no idea.”
NADFAS Audience members

 “Angela’s talk was utterly superb. The interesting contrast between military memorials here and in Germany was fascinating and something I had never really thought about, but the way she combined this with the psychology of it all on a national, and then personal, levels was just amazing – and also very moving. She showed enormous courage in confronting all this so honestly and directly and everyone hugely appreciated it – “the best ever talk” they all said.”
NADFAS Audience member

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