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Whether you are a Prison Governor, a Policy Maker, an Educational organisation or a Charity seeking to know more about the role of the Arts within the Criminal Justice System, I can:

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  • Introduce you to the very specific ways the arts can help within the context of prisons and the prevention of re-offending
  • Give specific examples of offending behaviour and attitudes that can be addressed through targeted exercises
  • Outline the process of setting up and running an art project in prison – practicalities, costs, possible outcomes
  • Advise how to adapt an existing prison art department to include more rehabilitative tools and strategies
  • Offer ideas on how to raise funds to support the arts in a prison setting
  • Leave you with a clear idea on how to proceed in achieving your aims

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Recent consultations

January, 2016
Dame Sally Coates, appointed by Michael Gove to lead the Review of Prison Education.

February, 2016
Pamela Dow, Head of Strategy in the Ministry of Justice.

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