The role of the Arts within the Criminal Justice System

Whether you are a Prison Governor, a Policy Maker, an Educational organisation or a Charity seeking to know more about the role of the Arts within the Criminal Justice System, I can:

  • Introduce you to the very specific ways the arts can help within the context of prisons and the prevention of re-offending
  • Give specific examples of offending behaviour and attitudes that can be addressed through targeted exercises
  • Outline the process of setting up and running an art project in prison – practicalities, costs, possible outcomes
  • Advise how to adapt an existing prison art department to include more rehabilitative tools and strategies
  • Offer ideas on how to raise funds to support the arts in a prison setting
  • Leave you with a clear idea on how to proceed in achieving your aims
Recent consultations

January, 2016
Dame Sally Coates, appointed by Michael Gove to lead the Review of Prison Education.

February, 2016
Pamela Dow, Head of Strategy in the Ministry of Justice.

Consultations will be tailored to suit your specific situation. They can be made in person or by Skype Please contact Angela to discuss options
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