Bradford Literary Festival: Tuesday 27th June, 7-8pm

Bradford Literary Festival 06.23

Tuesday 27th June, 7-8pm

Family Findings: Who Am I?

Angela Findlay, Mark Thomas, Simon Keegan, Peg Alexander


Have you dipped into your family’s past? Family trees used to be the exclusive domain of kings and queens, but thanks to the internet and the development of new scientific techniques everyone now seems to be exploring their past.

Ancestry has become big business with DNA home-testing kits now readily available, but how accurate is the science behind them and what if different tests yield different results?

Sometimes when we explore the past we find unpalatable truths, something Angela Findlay writes about in her moving and honest memoir, In My Grandfather’s Shadow, in which she confronts the reality of being the granddaughter of a Nazi general. Angela and her fellow panellists – including Mark Thomas, Professor of Evolutionary Genetics at University College London and Simon Keegan, author of DNA of the Celts – will discuss the accuracy of DNA tests and how they can be improved as well as the impact that uncomfortable discoveries about your family history can have on your life.

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